Pre-treatment for outdoor wood floors and manufactured products

A highly effective watery solution for removing the grey patina on outdoor decking and wood products caused by the deterioration and washing away of the lignin. Use of DECK. RESET restores the original colour of the wood that is then protected with DECK.OIL, DECK.OIL STRONG, DECK.OIL GS and ZERO.DECK. DECK. RESET can be used on flooring, garden furniture, wooden gazebos and on all wood items located outdoors. It is recommended especially as a strong detergent for WPC.

Application method
Spray, Roller, Brush, Pad
Average coverage per coat (g/m2)
50 with spray or pad, 80 with roller or brush
Operating time for using trowels, brushes, pads (min.)
Operating time for using a pressure washer (min.)
From 10 to 20