Our experience in chemistry applied to wooden floors comes from here. Experience is our line of traditional solvent-based products, safe, tested and renewed over time in accordance with current regulations. A complete range of fillers, sealers and finishes with extraordinary performance and, above all, easy to use.


Very fast drying single component sealer

Lega stucco

Binder for fillers

V 15

Single component sealer

Lega stucco PLUS

Low odour binder for fillers

Ultra Tenax

Two component polyurethane sealer


Two component polyurethane finish

Oil Plus

Single component oil modified urethane finish

Isomatt S

Two component polyurethane finish


Solvent for removing residue adhesive from pre-finished wood floors


Two component polyurethane finish

Safe Wood

Protective solution

AD 91

Anti-cissing additive for solvent based systems

Diluente Plus

Mixture of solvents for thinning impregnation systems

Solvente di lavaggio

Tool cleaning solvent

Diluente ritardante LOW VOC

Mixture of low volatile solvents

Diluente Extra

Mixture of solvents for thinning solvent based systems (not sealers or finishes)


Tool cleaning solvent