Proper maintenance guarantees a long life for wooden floors, which is why we have
formulated a line of products that are “easy to use” and “absolutely effective”, that meets every need for any type of treatment or finish. And while with indoor floors we have to deal with dust and commonly used chemical agents that can be spilled, the outdoor surfaces we have to successfully cope with all weather agents.

Vermeister Maintenance offers a system of the highest quality products, formulated with the utmost eco-friendliness towards
humanity and the environment, that will keep your wooden floor beautiful forever, because at Vermeister we care about your investment.

Detergente neutro

Neutral detergent for coated wood floors (routine maintenance)


Maintenance wax for coated wood floors (routine maintenance)


Detergent for oil treated wood floors (additional maintenance)

Soap Oil

Soap for indoor oil-treated wood flooring


Product for maintaining indoor oil-treated flooring


Maintenance oil for oil treated wood floors (additional maintenance)


Soap for outdoor wood flooring/oil-treated decks


Product for maintaining outdoor wood flooring/oil-treated decks


Pre-treatment for outdoor decking and wooden products (additional maintenance) 1

Anti-slip Cleaner

Anti-slip Cleaner

Self-polishing anti-slip cleaner specifically designed for the maintenance of coated wood floors used for sport

Sanit-Action Cleaner

Sanitizing cleaner for coated wood floors

Meister Mop

Special Mop with spray designed specifically for the daily maintenance of wood floors.

Display Stand

Maintenance product display stand