Deck.Oil GS Color

Very high performance protective

Pigmented vegetable based protective oil offering a very high performance, DECK.OIL GS COLOR is the result of a very careful selection of various natural oils and waxes that have been perfectly balanced and studied
for outdoor application. DECK.OIL GS COLOR protects the wood from atmospheric agents and, in particular, from sun rays, while leaving its natural breathability unaltered. The deep penetration into the wood, the ease of application and restoration without requiring intermediate sanding, the exceptional resistance to water and to UV rays all make DECK.OIL GS the ideal product for treating any wooden item for outdoor use. It is always advisable to apply a coat of protective DECK.OIL GS in the neutral version on top. Available in 20 colours (see the Vermeister colour chart).

Application method
Roller, Brush, Pad
Average coverage per coat (g/m2)
nterval before polishing (min.)