Single component waterborne, clear sandable and fast drying sealer

ONE is the latest generation of single component sandable waterborne clear sealer. Featuring a sophisticated internal self cross-linking system (S-XL Self Cross-Linking System), thanks to its particular three-dimensional structure and the exceptional high build, ONE guarantees appreciable high build power on any type of wood comparable with that of a two-component sealer. The high “open time” and the fast hardening time mean that, whatever the environmental conditions, ONE has a minimum tendency to leave lap marks and/or roller marks. The considerable penetration in the pores of the wood, the good tone and perfect sandability in less than an hour after application, make ONE the best ally for the modern wood floor installer. In line with the quality standards that have always characterized Vermeister, for ONE the R&D laboratory has carefully selected raw materials with very Low emission levels and with low olfactory impact making it practically odour-free.

Dry for sanding (hours)
Fast and perfect sandability in 1 hour
No lap marks or roller marks
Odour-free and low emission level
Exceptional high build and insulation qualities
Suitable for 2-coat cycles