Two component waterborne sealer with toning effect

Two component waterborne sealer with a very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The composition of the product based on the latest generation of resins allows the wood to appear in almost the same way as traditional solvent based sealers. Unlike the latter, this product does not cause yellowing over time, preventing excessively dark or unnatural changes in the colour of the wood. This distinctive characteristic of FLAME has been achieved without penalizing other very important qualities such as resistance to the formation of overlapping, considerable coverage, ease of application and sanding. Thanks to its high level of solid content, FLAME in combination with the two component finishes in the INNOVATION range, allows a two coat cycle to be carried out.

Catalysis ratio (vol/vol)
Dry for sanding (hours)
Overcoating without sanding (hours)
After 3, within 8
High toning power
High build property
Good sandability
Low environmental impact
Minimizes overlapping
Ideal for 2 coat cycles