Aqua Tenax

Two component waterborne sealer

Two component waterborne sealer featuring a high level insulating capacity, excellent coverage, good sandability and ease of application. The most important feature of this sealer is that it minimizes problems of overlapping. AQUA TENAX has been formulated to give a pleasant shade to the wood without causing unwanted changes to the colour of those woods rich in tannin and other water soluble staining substances (oak, teak…). For this reason, it is recommended especially for difficult woods such as IPE LAPACHO when browning or reddening would be undesirable. Thanks to its high level of solid content, AQUA TENAX can be used in combination with the two component finishes in the INNOVATION range, to carry out two coat finishing cycles.

Catalysis ratio (vol/vol) 10:1
Dry for sanding (hours) 12
Overcoating without sanding (hours)
After 3, within 6
Low environmental impact certified EC1
Great coverage
Good sandability
Low emission
Minimizes overlapping
Suitable for 2-coat cycles