Shader for waterborne systems

Vermeister UP-GRADE is a special pre-dosed shader that can be added to any Vermeister waterborne products, sealer or top coat, single or two component, to lighten or darken the original color of the wood, eliminating unpleasant colour changes. Especially for oak and, in general, for all light coloured woods, UP-GRADE in its white version tends to neutralise yellowing and excess shading due to water soluble extractives naturally present in the wood. Each coat increases the toning effect and it is advisable to carry out a preliminary test to verify the final look. Available in the following shades: WHITE, GREY, BLACK, AMBER.

Quantity per can of sealer or finish* (Gal.) *1 bottle for every 1 Gallon can
Stability and storage (in original, unopened containers stored in a cool, dry place) (months)
Standard packaging (Gal.)
Enhance the naturalness of the wood
Neutralize yellowing and eliminate undesired changes of colour
Regulate the intensity according to the number of coats applied
Versatile and suitable for all waterborne products (sealers and/or finishes)
Easy to use
Low environmental impact