Two component waterborne finish

Two component (100+5) polyurethane “double cross-linking” finish with DCS Dual Curing System technology, to achieve excellent performance in terms of resistance to wear, as well as greater ease of mixing and use. The 2 components can be mixed simply by adding component B to the container of component A and stirring without the need for any particular mixing procedures. It maintains the natural look of the wood thanks to its high level transparency, guaranteeing an excellent coverage and filling capacity, even when only two coats are applied. The superb flow of the film completes the characteristics of a product which is unique in its kind. EZY can be used directly on the wood, even as a single component first coat when faster cycles are required. It guarantees an excellent final look even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Catalysis ratio (vol/vol)
Overcoating without sanding (hours)
After 1, within 3
Dry for sanding A+B (hours)
Degree of gloss EZY X-MATT (gloss)
Degree of gloss EZY 30 (gloss)
Degree of gloss EZY 60 (gloss)
Greater ease of mixing
Greater ease of use even under the most extreme environmental conditions
Guarantee of perfect final look
Extraordinary chemical and mechanical resistance
Low environmental impact