Sanit-Action Cleaner

Sanitizing cleaner for coated wood floors

It acts in three ways: it sanitizes, deodorizes and cleans. Based on quaternary ammonium salts, the composition of the product guarantees extensive, in-depth sanitization by means of a vigorous mechanical removal of germs and bacteria from the surfaces treated. The action of benzalkonium chloride, a quaternary ammonium salt, is well-known for countering Grampositive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungi through the inactivation of energy-producing enzymes, the denaturation of cellular proteins and the breakage of cellular membranes. The high wetting and cleaning power results in a considerable reduction of the surface tension and excellent adhesion to the surfaces, allowing an indepth penetration of the surfactants and the removal of dirt in areas that are hard for traditional cleaners to reach. Unlike other cleaning products on the market, Sanit-Action Cleaner has been formulated specifically for wood floors and, due to the synergic combination of its components, it performs its sanitizing, cleaning and deodorizing action with maximum efficiency, leaving the wood fibre unaltered.

Dilution in water (everyday cleaning)
Dilution in water (as a sanitizer)
Recommended frequency of use
1-2 times a week
Application method
Cotton cloth, Vermeister Mop
Stability and storage (in original, unopened containers stored in a cool,dry place) months
Sanit-Action Cleaner
Extensive, in-depth sanitization by removal of germs and bacteria
Suitable for countering the flu virus A (H1N1)
Suitable for enveloped viruses, including HBV – HCV
Suitable for viruses belonging to the Coronavirus family
Specifically designed for hardwood floors