Maintenance product for oil treated indoor wood floors

OIL.CARE is an emulsion of waxes, natural oils, modified oils and special anti-UV additives for the maintenance of outdoor floors treated with DECK.OIL, DECK.OIL STRONG, DECK.OIL GS, ZERO.DECK, or indoor floors treated with products from the W.OIL range. Cobalt and Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime-free. The oily component of OIL.CARE repairs the treatment oil that has deteriorated due to exposure to atmospheric agents and penetrates into the wood providing in-depth protection. The water repellent wax prevents water from entering the pores in the wood, while the anti-UV additives delay the deterioration of the lignin. OIL.CARE is also suitable for protecting all wood products treated with impregnation products, both indoors and out (garden furniture, wooden partitions, beams, fences, etc.). Recommended especially as a protective treatment for WPC

Application method
Roller, Brush, Pad, Beige Pad
Dilution in water
Recommended frequency of use
once every 1-2 months
Ready for traffic (min.)
Ready for traffic and for max. performance (hours)