Two component epoxy polyurethane solvent-free adhesive

A new generation two component epoxy polyurethane solvent and water free adhesive for gluing wood flooring of any size on concrete screeds, including heated ones and on non-absorbing surfaces (ceramic tiles, stoneware, marble, etc.). It is also ideal for laying planks and engineered wood floors. A real evolution: ZERO% asserts itself in a new version with an improved rheology making it easier to spread and leading to a perfect ridge height. ZERO% is outstanding for the fact that it is almost insensitive to changes in the temperature (seasonality), completely odour-free both before and after mixing, and offers excellent hold and wettability under any environmental condition. The coverage has also been considerably improved. The high coefficient of elasticity after hardening completes the features of the ZERO% revolutionary adhesive together with its unbeatable characteristics of adhesion and toughness. Being certified EMICODE EC1, ZERO% may apply for the awarding of the EQ credit for Indoor Environmental Quality – Low-Emitting Materials of the new international certification standard LEED v4.

Pot-life (hours)
Open time (min.)
Ready for traffic (hours)
Interval before sanding (days)
Average coverage (sq.ft./gal)
Low environmental impact certified EC1
Very good reactivity even at low temperatures
Sensitivity to temperature changes (seasonality) has been eliminated – consistent viscosity
Considerably reduced odour of component B
Excellent coverage
Excellent spreadability
Perfect ridge height