Primer PU 40’

Single component, quick-drying polyurethane primer

Single-component, quick-drying, water-free, and solvent-free moisture cure polyurethane primer for the treatment of substrates before the installation of wooden floors. The peculiar characteristics of PRIMER PU 40’ are its very rapid polymerization, low viscosity and high penetration, which make it suitable for the consolidation and waterproofing of cement and anhydrite substrates in one hand, ready for installation in less than an hour. PRIMER PU 40’ can be used to treat dusting screeds or screeds with high residual humidity up to a maximum of 18 lbs./1000 sq.ft./24h. [ASTM F 1869] – 95% rH [ASTM F 2170] (12 lbs./1000 sq.ft./24h. [ASTM F 1869] – 90% rH [ASTM F 2170] in only one coat), as a binder for the preparation of synthetic mortars for quick repairs and as a consolidating agent for old floors. The absence of solvent makes it safe to transport, store (non-flammable product) and use (since it’s odorless, it can also be used near residential environments). Especially recommended for screeds with built-in heating.

Full drying time (min)
Average consumption per coat (Sq.ft./gal)
Calculated VOC (g/lt)
Primer Pu 40'
Low environmental impact certified EC1 PLUS
Fast drying (40’)
Very high resistance to humidity 95% rH |ASTM F 2170
Low level viscosity for deeper penetration