Zero Concept

Only the use of products with a low environmental impact actually contributes towards safeguarding the environment. The healthiness of home and work environments is becoming more and more important as each day passes and for this reason we are seeing a growing awareness on the part of our customers and end users who are increasingly mindful of aspects concerning the health. Vermeister has become more and more committed over the years to carrying out research and developing products that safeguard the environment, the health of the user and those living where the products are applied ZERO CONCEPT is a range of products with an extremely low environmental impact and a very low content of volatile organic compounds, all formulated using renewable raw materials and offering a far superior chemical/mechanical performance.

Each product in the ZERO CONCEPT range guarantees a high level comfort for living areas and contributes towards daily well-being by combining an aesthetic value with the naturalness of raw materials.

Tested and certified by prestigious independent authorities for their high standard of quality and respect for precise environmental criteria, the products in the ZERO CONCEPT range are provided with a certificate and “EMICODE EC1” mark
as a result of their very low emission of volatile organic compounds. It is important to remember that use of the ZERO CONCEPT products in a work cycle drastically reduces the emission of solvents and other volatile organic compounds.

Zero Voc

Single/two component waterborne finishing treatment


Protective natural oil for wood floors


Single component high performance adhesive with silanic termination

Zero Filler

Waterborne binder for fillers

Zero Deck

High performance eco-friendly water-oil for outdoor use