Ceradura Hardwax-oil

Oil-wax for treating wood floors
The natural CERADURA Hardwax-oil treatment is a balanced blend of oils and hard waxes that provides wood floors with an effective and long-lasting protection against scratches and staining. One of the most outstanding features of this particular product is the “spot retouch” characteristic that allows localized repairs to be carried out without having to undertake demanding sanding work over the whole surface. Thanks to its in-depth penetration and fast drying time, CERADURA Hardwax-oil provides the wood with a high level of protection, guaranteeing a surface that remains resistant to dirt for a long time without altering the vital natural transpiration properties of the wood. Unlike the usual oiled floors, the surfaces treated with CERADURA Hardwaxoil are easy to clean and maintain. CERADURA Hardwax-oil guarantees a high standard of comfort living and contributes to daily well-being combining the value of the look with the natural qualities of the raw materials.
Easy to use
Fast: 1 or 2 coats (6/8 hours between the 2 coats)
Invisible retouch
Low odour
No hazard symbols
Highly resistant to scratches and chemical agents
Application method
Roller, Brush, Pad
Average coverage per coat (g/m2)
Max. interval before polishing (min) (optional)
Overcoating (hours)
Degree of gloss (gloss)