How to combine the charm of tradition with the requirements of our times, how to offer the working methods of times past without forgoing the performance of modern-day technology.

The solution to this challenge began by seeking out traditional work methods, in which the finishing products based on vegetable oils played a key role.

Today the W.OIL range offers a modern version of these treatments. Starting from natural raw materials and selecting each single component of the formulas, bearing in mind the impact on the environment and on man, today we are able to offer a range of highly effective products.

The natural oils applied in the past allow us to bring out all the charm of the wood while the Vermeister technology does all the rest: the W.OIL products penetrate into the wood, preserving and making it water repellent while quickly restoring all its qualities. The W.OIL range is easy to use, easy to clean and is also suitable for application in plants producing pre-oiled wood floors.


Highly resistant finishing oil


Detergent for oil treated wood floors (additional maintenance


Soap for indoor oil-treated wood flooring


Oil wood stain

Ceradura Hardwax-oil

Oil-wax for treating wood floors

Ceradura Hardwax-color

Pigmented oil-wax for wood floors


Maintenance oil for oil treated wood floors (additional maintenance

Deck Oil

Protective oil for outdoor use

Deck.Oil Strong

High performance protective oil for outdoor use

Deck.Oil GS

Very high performance protective oil for outdoor use

Deck.Oil GS Color

Very high performance protective pigmented oil for outdoor use


Product for maintaining indoor oil-treated flooring


Pre-treatment for outdoor wood floors and manufactured products