The correct laying of a wood flooring begins with the preparation of the floor screed. Particular attention must be paid to some factors such as the compactness, flatness, thickness, cleanliness and above all the moisture content.
The Underwood range of products offers everything necessary for what lies “under” the wood flooring in order to deal with and solve any fitting needs or preliminary treatments with absolute peace of mind.

Primer UR 50

Single component polyurethane primer

Primer EPO 2

Two component epoxy primer


Adhesion improver


Reinforced pre-mixed self-levelling cement

Sabbia di quarzo

Fine quartz sand

Revin X

Single component vinyl adhesive

Revin LL

Single component vinyl adhesive


Single component silane-terminated adhesive

Monosil P

Single component silane-terminated adhesive for laying pre-finished multi-layer wood floors

Revin B3

Class D3 single component adhesive


Expanding polyurethane resin

Quick stop

Waterborne quick setting adhesive

Gap Filler

Coloured acrylic sealer

Black Seal

Black sealant