Sport & Firefighting

Sports floors like those in public areas must often comply with very specific requirements in terms of finishes and technical performance. Standard EN 14904 is the European reference standard that sets out the technical performance requirements that sports floors must satisfy. Particular attention is also given to the treatment of the wood floors and specifically with regard to: Friction (or the non-slip properties), Resistance to wear, Mirror finish and the Reaction to fire classification. The Vermeister products in the “Sport & Firefighting” range provide the answer to all the standard requirements as well as the various technical needs for this complex type of flooring.

In the case of the need for a reaction to fire, the pre-finished coating must be tested and classified according to the requirements of the standard EN 13501-1 and the resulting class and sub-class must be declared. In those cases in which the floors are coated during work in progress, products must be used that are approved according to the regulations in force, following the relevant procedures.

The products in the “Sport and Firefighting” range not only satisfy all technical requirements and standards, but they are also simple to use, provide reliable results and are ready to be applied in more demanding conditions and on large surfaces. In other words, both safety and appearance are guaranteed.


Vermeister’s “Sport & Firefighting” range of water-based products for finishing and maintaining hardwood sports floors is APPROVED by FIBA (the International Basketball Federation), the governing body of basketball wordlwide. The range satisfies all the regulatory requirements as well as the technical needs of this complex type of flooring.

Aqua Tenax Sport

Two component waterborne sealer specifically designed for sports flooring

Idro 2K Sport

Two component waterborne finish specifically designed for sports flooring

Tenax FR - Idro 2K FR

Class 1 fireproof finish

Color Sport

Two component waterborne coloured treatment, specifically for sports flooring

Anti-slip Cleaner

Self-polishing anti-slip cleaner specifically designed for the maintenance of coated wood floors used for sport