Vermeister has been giving wood flooring its undivided attention since 1975 and this concentration together with the experience acquired enable us today to be a true reference point as far as the treatment and maintenance of wood floors are concerned. In fact, it is proper maintenance that guarantees a long-lasting wood floor and for this reason we have formulated a range of “easy to use” and extremely effective products to satisfy requirements for all types of treatment or finish. While indoor floors have to cope with dust and commonly used chemical agents that may be spilt on the floor, outdoor floors (the most difficult to maintain) have to be able to withstand all atmospheric agents.
Maintenance offers a system of very high quality products, formulated with the utmost respect for man and the environment and which will make your wood floor beautiful for life, because at Vermeister we take your investment to heart.

Sanit-Action Cleaner

Quaternary ammonium salt-based sanitizer specifically designed for hardwood floors

Detergente neutro

Neutral detergent for coated wood floors (routine maintenance


Maintenance wax for coated wood floors (routine maintenance)


Detergent for oil treated wood floors (additional maintenance

Soap Oil

Soap for indoor oil-treated wood flooring


Maintenance oil for oil treated wood floors (additional maintenance


Product for maintaining indoor oil-treated flooring


Pre-treatment for outdoor decking and wooden products (additional maintenance)

Anti-slip Cleaner

Self-polishing anti-slip cleaner specifically designed for the maintenance of coated wood floors used for sport

Maintenance product display stand