At Vermeister we have always believed in waterborne products, investing heavily in ideas and innovations that have led us today to enjoy maximum credibility. At Vermeister we rely heavily on information so that customers are aware of the commitments made by companies like ours which work with determination in order to be able to guarantee safe products from every aspect at all times and with rigorous consistency.

We were the first company to introduce particular and exclusive technologies in waterbased coating system for wood floors as a result of serious commitments towards research in collaboration with the most important international chemical companies.

The products in the INNOVATION range are all NMP-free and contain very low VOC values; as a result they guarantee the utmost respect for the environment and for man, while offering maximum technical performance together with an impeccable appearance.

Idro 2k

Two component waterborne finish


Two component waterborne finish


Single component waterborne “soft to the touch” treatment


Single component waterborne finish


Two component waterborne sealer with toning effect


Single component waterborne, sandable and fast drying sealer.

Aqua First

Single component waterborne sealer

Aqua Tenax

Two component waterborne sealer

Aqua Play 1

Single component waterborne finish

Aqua Play 2

Two component waterborne finish

Up Grade

Shader for waterborne systems

Sanit-Action finish

Two-component water-based finish for wood floors with sanitizing action