In the past, wood flooring was nearly always finished with colourless, transparent finishes and, consequently the choice of wood species was decisive for the chromatic effect of the finished flooring. However, over recent years, we have witnessed important changes linked to the difficulty of obtaining raw materials, or more precisely a variety of different wood species capable of offering a wide range of colours.

Loyal to our commitment to assist wood floor installers with up-to-date technical solutions, we decided to boost our offer of products for staining wood floors. The main features of these systems are their ease of use, the certainty of the final
appearance and the low environmental impact, while providing the extraordinary physical and chemical performance typical of Vermeister products.

With Chromotherapy, customers can choose from a light shade effect, a wood cover effect or for more traditional tastes, a deep-down stain effect to enhances the wood grain. The Chromotherapy colouring systems renew the look of wood flooring and also offer a variety of different protective treatments ranging from oil to waterborne products according to preference. Now with Chromotherapy it is at last possible to choose the colour and finish of the floor with absolute assurance. The Chromotherapy colouring systems are the result of a specific commitment towards research and advanced technology and as such are also highly recommended for treatments prior to installation.

Completely safe both for those applying the product and for the end user, none of the products in the Vermeister Chromotherapy range bears hazard labels as they are non-inflammable, non-hazardous, practically odour-free and free of
harmful post-application emissions.


Enamel – wood cover effect Two component waterborne pigmented treatment

Deck.Oil GS Color

Very high performance protective pigmented oil for outdoor use


Wood grain highlighting effect Oil wood stain

Ceradura Hardwax-color

Pigmented oil-wax for wood floors